Ultralight Short Socks

Ambitious endurance sports and track and field athletes; ideal for competition
  • Extra-strong compression for maximum performance
  • Reduction of muscle vibrations
  • Maximum stability for muscles and joints to help prevent injuries
  • Proprioceptive ankle and arch stabilization
  • Improved coordination
  • Faster recovery


Los atletas que dependen de la resistencia van a amar los Ultralight Short Socks. Son muy finos, muy ligeros, transpirables y están mínimamente acolchados. Los calcetines funcionales garantizan una sensación ideal de frescor en los pies y un ajuste perfecto en el calzado ceñido de deporte hace que las ampollas sean cosa del pasado. La precisión de la compresión medi estabiliza los tobillos y te da la sensación de un soporte seguro. Estos calcetines cortos aportan la dinámica que necesitas en tus entrenamientos.

Ultralight Short Socks

Atributos de Calidad

  • Seamless toe box or extra-flat toe seam prevents pressure points
  • Each sock is manually inspected multiple times
  • Extreme durability thanks to the use of filament fibers
  • Outstanding workmanship, Made in Germany
  • Custom measurements for optimum compression

Atributos Funcionales

  • Optimum heat and moisture management thanks to the use of polypropylene, which does not absorb any moisture into the fibers
  • Minimally padded foot section for a perfect fit in tight-fitting sports shoes
  • Approx. 30% lighter than CEP Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0
  • Perfect anatomical fit for maximum effect
  • Antibacterial, odor-reducing properties

69 % polyamide, 16 % elastane, 15 % polypropylene