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Health and fitness play a crucial role in sports. Because you can only deliver top performance when you feel 100% fit. CEP understands this and uses its access to the unique knowledge and expertise of medi, one of the leading German high-tech manufacturers in the health care industry, to create innovative products. Together with professional athletes, recognized sports medicine specialists and acclaimed scientists from across the globe, CEP translates this expertise into high-performance sportswear. What does this mean for you? Premium quality products that combine function and maximum comfort with the highest degree of healthy and performance-enhancing effects.


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CEP – a medi GmbH & Co. KG brand.

medi is one of the leading manufacturers in the healthcare market. The company’s 2,200 employees (1,300 of these at the headquarters in Bayreuth, Germany) make an important contribution to helping people across the globe feel better every day with medi’s innovative products and pioneering concepts.

The Franconian company’s product portfolio ranges from medical compression stockings, supports, braces and dressings to orthoses, anti-embolism stockings and compression wear and even includes advanced leg prostheses and orthopedic insoles. Decades of expertise in compression technology enable medi to create totally new concepts for high-tech lifestyle products as seen in the company’s sports brand CEP and the fashion label ITEM m6.

medi is the only company that can integrate this medical expertise in its functional sportswear and stylish fashion products. They combine superior quality with maximum functionality to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers.